nitial Incident

Apply for Safety Case Certificate

 Process to apply FRN

Please send email to SHENA Finance Department and request for a Finance Registration Number (FRN), with the following details:

Details of the Company:
  1. Company Name (in full): 
  2. Address: 
  3. Contact Person Name: 
  4. Email of the Contact Person: 
  5. Email of C.C.: 
  6. Telephone & Fax No: 
Details of the Facility / Premise / Activity:
  1. Facility Name: 
  2. Facility Type: 
  3. Activity (if any): 
  4. Purpose of requesting FRN: 

Send the above details to 

 Assessment Matrix

Attached the following COMAH Safety Case Assessment Matrix with your Safety Case / Combined Operation Safety Case / Well Operations submission

 Legal Interpretation

"combined operation" means two or more operated facilities, where one has the potential to affect the major accident hazards (or associated Safety Critical Equipment or safety critical people or procedures) of the other, whilst engaged in a temporary operation; 
“decommissioning” means the process of taking a facility, well, pipeline or other conveyance system from cessation of production (or operation) of that facility, well, pipeline or other conveyance system to the final declared state of that facility, well, pipeline or other conveyance system, and includes the planning and implementing of any activity required to achieve that final declared state;
 "duty holder" means
(a) the person who manages and has direct control of a facility;
(b) where a facility is yet to be constructed or operated, the person who proposes to control its operation or, if that person is not known, the person who has commissioned the design and construction of the facility; or
(c) the person who executes the function of organising, designing and supervising the drilling or service of a well and all operations to be carried out by means of that well

“facility” means –
 (a) any onshore premises where hazardous substances, in the quantities specified in the Order –
 (i)    have been present, are present, are intended to be present, or may be present during loss of control of any process; or 
 (ii)   are being used, or prepared for use; 

(b) any offshore premises whose primary use has included, includes or will include one of the following activities –
 (i)    the recovery, processing or storage of hazardous substances, or any combination of those activities;
 (ii)   the provision of offshore accommodation for persons working on another such premises, whether connected to that other premises or not; or 
(c) any premises that has drilled or serviced, drills or services, or will drill or service a well for any hazardous substance; and 

“fixed facility” means a facility which is designed and intended to operate at a single location and includes a mobile facility or vessel converted for use at a single location so long as it is not moved from that location.

"material change" means any change in design or operations that is significant to require a re-submission of the notification or Safety Case, and includes –
(a)   physical changes to the plant;
(b)   changes to operational parameters;
(c)  organisational or staff changes; or
(d)   change in risk profile;
“Safety Case Certificate” means a certificate issued by the competent authority to the duty holder when the competent authority is satisfied that the Safety Case has complied with the requirement under these Regulations and may include any further actions which the duty holder is required to comply with; 
"well" means a borehole drilled with a view to the extraction of hazardous substances through it or another borehole, and shall be deemed to include any device on it for containing the pressure in it;

"well operation" means -
(a) the drilling or construction of a well including the restart of drilling after a well has been completed, suspended or abandoned by plugging; or
(b) any activity in relation to a well during which there may be an accidental release of hazardous substances from that well which could give rise to the risk of a major accident;
"well operator", in relation to a well or proposed well, means -
(a) the duty holder of that well; or
(b) the person appointed by the duty holder for that well or proposed well to execute the function of organising and supervising the drilling of that well and all operations to be carried out by means of that well.