nitial Incident

Workplace Safety and Health Officer: Replacement

Where the Certificate is lost, destroyed or defaced, the holder of the certificate may apply to SHENA for a replacement certificate of approval with details as below.

WSH Officer Form for Replacement of the Certificate of Approval

Workplace Safety and Health Officer's Replacement Form


BND$ 10.00

An upfront payment (bank transfer) is required before the Authority can review the applications. All of the mentioned documents must be completely submitted to the Authority, and the Focal Point of the company needs to ensure the accuracy of the submitted documents. If an application remains incomplete or otherwise deficient, the application will be rejected, and fees will not be refundable.


As per stated in the Workplace Safety and Health (Workplace Safety and Health Officers) Regulations, 2014, Regulation 2(2) An application under sub-regulation (1) shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee specified in the First Schedule and such fee shall not be refundable. SHENA Finance process flow here

Supporting Document

1. Police Report
2. Copy of the applicant’s NRIC (both sides) or passport (front page, visa page, last page)